How does it work?
How does it work?

1. Buyer will fund Bitcoin escrow
2. Seller will transfer or send goods or do the job
3. Escrowed Bitcoin will release funds after confirmation

Kevin from Czech Republic wants to buy domain from Josh from USA. They don’t know each other personally, so there is no trust at all and Kevin cannot know for sure that Josh is not a scammer. So they will go to Escrowed Bitcoin ( and start Bitcoin escrow after they agreed price and that the payment will be made in Bitcoin by Kevin.

On Escrowed Bitcoin ( they have to provide some escrow information like email, bitcoin address of Josh and some terms like: „Josh will sell domain to Kevin“.

After bitcoin escrow is submitted they both receive email with unique URL for Kevin and Josh by their role (buyer, seller). They agree on escrow again with confirm button and escrow is now official and cannot be changed. Kevin as buyer will send amount of bitcoin to generated address and once it is confirmed on blockchain , we will notify Josh he can proceed and transfer the domain to Kevin ownership.

Now Kevin is official owner of domain, he checks it properly on domain owner list and then he confirms in Escrowed Bitcoin ( system. Everything is done, terms are met, so Escrowed Bitcoin ( now releasing Bitcoin to Josh. In the end Kevin is satisfied and gives Josh thumbs up and so did Josh.

In case one party did not meet the escrow terms the other party can start dispute.