Frequently Asked Questions
What is is neutral third party that provides protection for sellers and buyers. If you use Bitcoin escrow, we collect, hold and disburse Bitcoin according to escrow terms.
Bitcoin escrow is a service where a mediator service keeps Bitcoin in escrow in transactions between strangers until escrow terms between seller and buyer are met (ex. when goods are received and inspected) Transactions are created online and must be agreed by both parties. Bitcoin escrow saves time, money, misunderstandings, and protects sellers and buyers from scammers.
Simple answer is one word and it is: TRUST. You can't trust anybody these days on the internet, because it is full of scammers or low quality goods. Bitcoin escrow gives you the opportunity to inspect goods or whatever you bought and decide whether it is worth or not, whether it met terms and conditions you made with the other party. Also scammers are out thanks to this system. It is a fair, cheap and fast system where everybody can get what they want.
Anything you want, but please keep in mind that some things are illegal. Please respect local and international laws. Thank you.
YES. Bitcoin has no borders.
Working email address you have access to and valid Bitcoin address.
We support only Bitcoin.
Nothing. It is free.
Depends on seller and buyer. Once a buyer deposits Bitcoin to escrow, which usually takes up to 24-48 hours, it is up to you to meet the terms of escrow.
It is for making sure that in a specified time something will happen.
Absolutely not. This is a straight solution. You start escrow for free and after the transaction is completed funds will be released directly to the provided address.
Yes, this is a fully anonymous Bitcoin escrow service, we only want you to provide an email of your choice. For even higher anonymity you can use a Bitcoin mixer.
You don't have to worry we keep Bitcoins away from hackers and unauthorized parties from stealing. How? To transfer Bitcoins you need at least 2 votes out of 3 (seller, buyer and us as Bitcoin escrow) it is called multisig.
Yes it is. You also need to perfectly specify terms of Bitcoin escrow and save all evidence of you meeting the terms of escrow in case of dispute or other complication with the other party.
Contact us and we will investigate it. If this will be confirmed, user will be banned.
Yes, we are on
After every successful transaction you and the other party are allowed to review each other.
No, we don't.
You can get into your Bitcoin escrow details with unique link that will be sent to your email.
No. All accounts are token protected. In the highly unlikely event this was hacked, the worst that could happen would be that the hacker authorises payment to the seller’s designated Bitcoin wallet address.
No, unless escrow is cancelled.
No, unless escrow is cancelled.
You can cancel escrow before funds are sent by the other party. If escrow amount is deposited, you can't cancel. If funds were sent to escrow account, the only way is to agree with other party and dispute and ask for annulling.
Of course you can, but the best way is to first try to handle the problem between you and the other party. But if the other party doesn't respond, then we are here for you. You can start a dispute after the time frame expires, so the other party has enough time to finish the transaction or you can raise a dispute once the other party confirms that the transaction is done. Dispute investigation is a complicated process and may take some time (up to four weeks). We appreciate your patience and understanding.
There could be more reasons but most common are: You weren't able to provide clear reasons and evidence as requested. The evidence you provided wasn't enough.
All you have from the very beginning (ex. photos of product, tracking id from transport company,...) till the end (ex. video of logging in banking account, showing your real name and then transaction detail and confirmation that it has been sent (in case of exchanging Bitcoin for Fiat for example).
The buyer can raise a dispute. During a dispute, the funds are held in escrow until the parties have resolved the dispute.
It is up to the seller to show that the buyer has received the goods with evidence. When you send goods you often get some confirmation you sent it to somebody, to some address. Keep this paper in case you will need such proof. Alternatively, the seller can raise a dispute in the transaction and the funds will be held in escrow until the dispute is resolved.
Escrow refunds can last up to 30 days, but we will do our best to resolve everything ASAP. If an escrow is cancelled or a seller’s account gets suspended, the funds are usually refunded within 48 hours to the buyer. If the escrow refund is disputed by the seller, then we are required to gather evidence from both parties before reaching a decision. Please do not contact support before 72 hours have passed on your refund request as you may not receive a reply.
We use api, so prices are realtime. Bitcoin rate/price will be fixed at the moment of submitting escrow. That means we don't edit it.
We don't advise you to use an exchange wallet, but if you still want to, check the minimum withdrawal or deposit amount.
We like electrum wallet for it's security, ease of install and use, simplicity and compatibility with Bitcoin and Bitcoin Lightning Network.
To your Bitcoin address as a seller because you can't edit it once a transaction has started. What button you are clicking on. Even though we made it harder to accidentally click on something you didn't want to click, still it can happen. DO NOT share your escrow token. It is only for you and your side of the transaction. Also pay attention to the amount you are sending, because it is irreversible. If you send less Bitcoin than you should, you have to send the rest of it, if you send more we will consider it as a donation or contact us with the amount sent, the address and the extra amount.
So it probably could be a scammer and you might never see your Bitcoins or your goods, so be careful.
Of course, here is the email:
Yes we do, you can contact us and we can add another language.
Because we run own full node so sometimes it syncs… But don’t worry. Everything is secured and no data will be lost.
Bech32 (bc1 or Native SegWit).
You will see fees before submitting new escrow.
Cancel or dispute the escrow.
Actual minimum amount of Bitcoin escrow can be seen when creating new escrow.
They are not part of our escrow fee, so they will be deducted automatically from amount that is sent to seller.
We will do our best for your satisfaction, but still it is better to be safe than sorry so think twice. It means do not share private keys, phrases, seeds, words or whatever with other party or anyone else! Remember: Not your keys not your Bitcoins. Check if you have access to your Bitcoin wallet. Check if you provided correct email address and correct Bitcoin address. We will never contact you directly we will never contact you for your password.